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Welcome to this English version of the website, written by the Danish musicologist, organist, composer and music publisher Jørgen Erichsen. This is an abbreviated version of the original Danish website, which contains several themes that will be of interest mostly to a Danish audience. Below you will find a short description of each of the menu items. In the menu bar you can also open the Danish website, and even if you don't understand the text, you might find some of the music not included in the English version interesting. As I have translated most of the webpage myself, I kindly ask you to be indulgent towards errors and Danicisms. I would be grateful for any proposals for improvements.

Here you see me in my "composers cabin". I built it with my own hands more than 30 years ago
(coming from a family of artisans I'm pretty good at all kinds of craftmanship myself), and in order
to provide the building with good and inspiring vibrations it's build of the nature's own material: wood.
If you want to know more about me, please click here: meet the author

My 416 pages long biography on
Friedrich Kuhlau was published 2011
by Georg Olms Verlag, Germany.

I have written several computer programs that make the mathematical basis of music quite clear. This is the user interface of the program The Scale Generator. Here any scale known from music can be generated from a very simple algorithm, and the scales can be realized as sound. By means of the mouse you can play both melodies and harmonies on the scales - and so you will be convinced, even if you don't understand the mathematics behind, that this really are the scales known from music.
Friedrich Kuhlau – a composer you should know
My biography on the German-Danish composer Friedrich Kuhlau (see the column to the left) is the first
one to be published outside Denmark since 1886. It is based on many years of research and it places
this highly underestimated composer in quite a new light. The pages about Kuhlau on the present
website are based on this book, and I think they offer you the most correct and detailed information to be found on the Internet about this composer.
    Outside Denmark Kuhlau is mainly known for his flute music and his sonatinas for piano, but his grand piano sonatas in the style of Beethoven and his magnificent chamber music deserve a much wider audience. Right now (Nov. 2012) his collected piano sonatas have been publiced by The International Friedrich Kuhlau Society. You can read more about this publication when you open this menu item. All in all Kuhlau composed more then 550 works.

Music and Mathematics
I consider my research in the mathematical principles of the tonal system to be my most important contribution to the branch of musicology. My interest in this subject goes back to my first years of study at the University of Copenhagen, where I studied mathematics and science. I also a long time ago have announced an English translation, but I still haven't succeded in finding the right person to help me with this. In the meantime I can offer you a computer program with which you can study the pretty heavy subject 'music and mathematics' in an easy and, I would say, quite amusing way – for in my program you can actually play the mathematical computations as music! Click the menu item 'music and mathematics' to read the introduction and download the program.

Organ music for free copying
As a composer, I have mainly written for the organ. My organ works are very much appreciated in Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries, and I think they may appeal to organists in other countries too. Here you are offered a selection. You are welcome to make a free copy of the music and you are also free to use it at services. Please note that the music is protected by copyright, which means that it may not be printed or recorded without my permission, and copyright law also takes effect if the music is played in concert.
    See the sample below or click here: Toccata Thylandica

A musical joke
Many years ago I composed this musical joke, in which I arranged "Happy Birthday to you" in the style of various composers, as a birthday present to one of my friends. Since then I have entertained more audiences with the music when, as a kind of stand-up comedian, I pretended I was giving a lecture in music history and played the "Happy Birthday" arrangments as examples - and performed that way I call my act Music History for Dummies.
    You are welcome to make a free copy of the music and you may also perform it for free in private circles. But you should be aware, that the music is protected by copyright, which means that it may not be printed or recorded without my permission, and copyright law also takes effect if the music is played in public or broadcast.
    You can listen to a sample here: In the style of Strauss

What does the name JOSEBAMUS means?
JOSEBAMUS is an acronym made up from the first letters in the name JOhann SEbastian BAch (the last three letter stand for 'music'). It is the name of a non-profit music publishing firm I founded 1984 with the purpose of offering Danish church musicians good and cheap music for services. Now JOSEBAMUS also has become the name of a website and here the most of the publications can be copied quite free.

The non-profit music publishing firm JOSEBAMUS was founded by me 1984. Here you see the cover of one of my own publications, a Christmas pastorale. You can view and copy the music when you go to the menu item 'free organ music'

Below you see the first two pages of my Toccata Thylandica - a major organ work based on an old Danish folk tune.
You can view and copy it all when you go to the menu item 'free organ music'.