Jørgen Erichsen

Meet the author

I was born in 1935 in Odense, Denmark (the same place where Hans Christian Andersen was born!) - and I hasten to say that in spite of my age my health and mind are still excellent and my creativity is flourishing as never before! After having studied mathematics and science at the University of Copenhagen for a couple of years I finally decided on musicology and I got my master's degree in that subject in 1962. Then I taught for some years as a grammar school teacher until I found my dream job at the music department of the University Library of Aarhus (the second largest city in Denmark).

Furthermore I have worked as an organist, having learned to play the organ while I studied at the university. For some years I was the editor of the journal published by the Danish association of church musicians. In 1984 I founded the publishing firm JOSEBAMUS whose speciality is church music.

As a musicologist I have been engaged in many subjects - here I will just mention a few: Danish music in the early romantic era, the history of music publishing and the problems of dating printed music, the mathematical principles of the tonal system and the musical scales (see the menu item 'music and mathematics' on the present website), the musical experience viewed in the light of C.G.Jung's psychology (lectures at the Open University), and a series of broadcasts for the Danish State Radio on the topic "Forgotten Composers". In 2011 my biography on the German-Danish composer Friedrich Kuhlau was published in German by the highly estimated Georg Olms Verlag (see the menu item 'Friedrich Kuhlau' on the present website).

As a composer I already had a symphony performed while I was still a student, and also some of my compositions were played on the Danish State Radio. At that time you were not considered a real composer unless you wrote in the dodecaphonic or serial style, and for me this was like playing the role of the fraudulent tailors in Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Emperor's New Clothes". Therefore I abandoned a "normal" career as a composer and instead I turned to the church music, where it still was possible to make music without being accused of not being modern enough. Since then I have composed more than one hundred pieces for organ and also a lot of choral works and hymns. My music is very much appreciated in the Scandinavian countries, and by making a selection of my organ music accessible on the Net I hope it may be enjoyed in other parts of the world too (see the menu item 'Organ music for free copying' on the present website).