Organ Music by the Danish Composer Jørgen Erichsen
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You are welcome to make a free copy of the music (red buttons) and you are also free to play it at divine services. But you should be aware that the music is protected by copyright, which means that it may not be printed or recorded without my permission, and copyright law also takes effect if the music is played in concert.

The sound files (green buttons) are generated on a small electronic organ. They are only meant as a substitute for a performance on a real organ, and they should not be taken as the composers own interpretation of his music.

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Organ music for concerts
  Toccata Thylandica – 12 pages, duration: 9–10 min.
The tematic material of Toccata Thylandica is taken from an old Danish folk tune, Skammel han bor sig nør i Thy (Skammel dwells up north in Thy) - a very dramatic story that takes place in the part of Denmark called Thy or Thyland – hence the name Toccata Thylandica. After the first performance, a review said: "The work is striking because of its broad spectrum of expressions, from the softest sound to the most powerful pealing of the organ. After the concert the performer Erling A. Thomsen (now organist at the cathedral of Aalborg), characterized the work as exciting and fun to play, because it makes use of the organ's full range of potential."

  Introduction and Passacaglia – 8 pages, duration ca. 7 min.
In this work the tematic material is also taken from an old Danish folk tune Når mørket jorden blinder (When darkness blinds the earth). This song was used as a night watchman's song until the middle of the 19th century – hence the work is also known as The Watchman's Passacaglia. In the introduction the whole tune is played in a free arrangement, and in the following passacaglia the first four bars of the tune makes up the ostinato motif. This motif is played 3 x 8 times, each of the three parts leading up to a crescendo.

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  Variations on "Her kommer, Jesus, dine smaa" – 4 pages, duration ca. 4 min.
The hymn (in English: "Here come, Jesus, your little children") is often used for baptism. The tune, composed by J.P.A.Schulz is pretty simple and naive and so are the first variations, but gradually the music becomes more and more elaborated ending up as a jubilant hymn of praise.

Eine kleine Weihnachtsmusik (A little Christmas Music) – a pastorale in five movements – 12 pages, duration 8–9 min.
This is a humorous and joyful arrangement of a much beloved Danish Christmas song Et barn er født i Bethlehem (A child was born in Bethlehem). In the first movement the tune is heard on a background of high-pitched figurations, illustrating the twinkling of the Star of Bethlehem. In the next movement the tune appears as a march, illustrating the arrival of the three kings. Then we hear the shepherds merrily dancing in waltz time, the three kings bringing their sacrifice to the Christ Child, and in the final movement the organ peals in all its glory, illustrating the heavenly host praising God.

  1.movement: The Star of Bethlehem (Con brio)
  2.movement: March of the three kings (Alla marcia e scherzando)
  3.movement: Dance of the shepherds (Tempo di valse e con grazia)
  4.movement: Adoration of the kings (Con devozione)
  5.movement: The heavenly host praising God. (Allegro giocoso)

Preludes and other minor organ pieces
These pieces are composed mainly for church services. Composed during a period of thirty years they have been printed under the title "Fra min Orgelbog" (From my Organ Book) - hence the numbers 1–12. They are quite different in character, and music for all types of services can be found here. In addition you get the "Fanfare and Processional March". Originally composed for a special occasion it has since become kind of a favourite piece.
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  1. Prelude in G (Maestoso) 
  2. Prelude in D-major (Con grazie) 
  3. Prelude in C-doric (Con devozione) 
  4. Prelude in C-major (Agitato) 
  5. Pastorale in F-major (Con sentimento) 
  6. Prelude in d-minor (Risoluto) 
  7. Toccatina in G-major (Con brio) 
  8. Pastorale in C-major (Amabile) 
  9. Prelude in G-major (Giocoso) 
  10. Prelude in d-minor (Patetico) 
  11. Prelude in e-minor (Moderato) 
  12. Preludio festivo in B-major (Jubiloso), "Hommage a Johann Sebastian"  
  Fanfare and Processional March in F-major

Choral preludes and fantasies
Due to its musical value and character, a chorale prelude may very well be played at a service even if the chorale itself is not sung or even known by the congregation. You should be aware of the rich repertoire to be found in foreign collections of such organ music. Here I offer you a selection of my own chorale preludes. For your information I have added the chorale tunes with a short explanatory note about the chorale preludes as well.
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      Blomstre som en rosengård (J.P.E.Hartmann)   for Advent, romantic and dramatic in style
      Dejlig er den himmel blå (J.G.Meidell ca. 1840)   a danish Christmas hymn
      Dejlig er jorden (Schlesisches Volkslied, 18. Jahrh.)   identic with "Fairest Lord Jesus"
      Den signede dag (C.E.F.Weyse)   a festival prelude based on a highly beloved danish morning hymn
      Denne er dagen (Vulpius)   a hymn of praise
      Det er så yndigt (C.E.F.Weyse)   a 74 bar long fantasy on a highly beloved danish wedding hymn
      Det kimer nu til julefest (C.Balle)   a Christmas hymn
      Du, Herre Krist (A.P.Berggreen)   a prelude with sophisticated romantic harmonies
      Du, som går ud fra den levende Gud (Melchior Franck)  a hymn for Whitsun
      Et barn er født i Bethlehem (old german hymn)   a Christmas hymn, see above: Organ music for concerts
      Et fornødent er, det ene (Freylingshausen)   a choral prelude shaped in ABA form with a solemn A-part and a joyous B-part
      Et kors det var det hårde, trange leje (A.P.Berggreen)  a Good Friday hymn - the prelude illustrates the painful walk to Golgata
      Hil dig , frelser og forsoner (C.C.Hoffmann)   an Easter hymn
      Hjerte, løft din glædes vinger (Joh.Crüger 1653)   a Christmas hymn
      I al sin glans nu stråler solen (Henrik Rung)   a joyful hymn for Whitsun
      Jeg er træt og går til ro (Malling)   an evening hymn - a little sad and often used for funerals
      Jert hus skal I bygge (J.P.E.Hartmann)   a wedding hymn - here arranged as a festive wedding march
      Jesus, dine dybe vunder (Claude Goudimel)  original an old french hymn - here arranged as an organ trio
      Julen har bragt velsignet bud (C.E.F.Weyse)   a 80 bar long fantasy on a beloved danish Christmas hymn
      Kærlighed fra Gud (J.P.E.Hartmann)   a wedding hymn - here arranged as an elaborated prelude
      Krist stod op af døde (Leise, 12. Jahrh.)   an Easter hymn - the prelude is kept in an archaic style
      Lover den Herre (Stralsund 1665)   the prelude, based on an old german hymn, is a baroque imitation with a touch of humour
      Lyksaligt det folk, som har øre for klang (Thomas Laub)  a praise of music as a prelude to the eternal life
      Naturen holder pinsefest (A.P.Berggreen)   a joyous prelude based on a danish hymn for Whitsun
      Nu falmer skoven trindt om land (Nebelong)   a hymn for autumn time - the ongoing seufzer-motif illustrates the falling leaves
      Nu rinder solen op af østerlide (H.O.C.Zinck)   a prelude based on a morning hymn and illustrating the sunrise
      Påskeblomst! hvad vil du her (Carl Nielsen)   an Easter hymn - the prelude is kept in the style of the danish composer Carl Nielsen
      Sorrig og glæde de vandre til hobe  an elaborated choral fantasy - the hymn itself is a 17th century dance
      Stat op min sjæl i morgengry (Thomas Laub)  an Easter hymn - the subject is the resurrection
      Vågn op og slå på dine strenge (Hamburg 1690)   a joyous morning hymn
      Vær velkommen, Herrens år (Henrik Rung)   a festive prelude based on a beloved hymn for New Year
      Velkommen igen, Guds engle små (A.P.Berggreen)   a joyous prelude for Christmas