Sibley Music Library at the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester) has the largest collection of Kuhlau's music outside Denmark. It was purchased from the Danish agent, Dan Fog in 1972. You get direct to the Kuhlau Collection here:


The Collection contains over 800 items, mostly printed music (both single imprints and collections). There are many first and early editions, and a large number of Danish editions. There are over 30 monographs, journal articles, excerpts from 19th century biographical dictionaries, and books pertaining to Kuhlau, as well as a small number of manuscripts, and 5 librettos in contemporaneous editions. The entire range of Kuhlau's compositional output, from piano music, to flute music, to songs, operas, and incidental music for plays is represented, along with several arrangements of Kuhlau's music by minor composers. Some collections of flute music contain works by other composers such as Gabrielsky and Kummer.

The Royal Library (Det kongelige Bibliotek) in Copenhagen
has digitized many of Kuhlau's compositions, mainly publications from the 19th century. They can be free downloaded from this address:


International Friedrich Kuhlau Society (IFKS)
was founded 1999 by the Japanese flutist professor Toshinori Ishihara. Although called international it has only a few members outside Japan. Also the website of the society was until recently written in Japanese, but now it can be read in an English version too. Use this address:


I would especially recommend the pages called "Reading and Hearing". Here you can see and hear a selection of Kuhlau's music. The music is recorded synthetically (as MIDI files) but the sound is pretty good. Here is a direct link to "Reading and Hearing":


Internationaler Flöten-Wettbewerb "Friedrich Kuhlau"
An international flute competition, named after Kuhlau, takes place every second year in Kuhlau's native town Uelzen in Germany (next time October 2013). The competition appeals to solo flutists and flute ensembles and the age of the competitors should not be over 32. The website of the competition has this address:


Uelzener Kuhlau-Edition
A complete edition of Kuhlau's flute music is being published by the German Syrinx Verlag in cooperation with the town of Uelzen. Until now 32 works have been published. The web address of Syrinx Verlag is:


After having opened the website you should write "uelzener kuhlau-edition" in the search box.