The IFKS Urtext Edition of Kuhlau's collected Sonatas
one of the most remarkable publications for piano for years

Stretched out in a sequence the pictures on the four covers show Nyhavn in Copenhagen, where Kuhlau spend the last year of his life
(in the tall house in the first picture). Ami Ishihara, the daughter of the editor, has drawn the very nice covers.

Today many pianists are aware that Kuhlau, besides his little sonatinas, also has written several grand sonatas, which in style, lengths and difficulties may be compared to those of Beethoven. However, they have been almost impossible to find, as they have not been published since the time of Kuhlau himself. Now the IFKS (International Friedrich Kuhlau Society) has published them all. Professor Toshinori Ishihara, the founder of the society, has written out the music himself - an enormous task that deserves the highest appreciation. The Danish musicologist Gorm Busk has written the introduction, the editorial commentaries and a short biography. All in all this publication fully meets the requirements expected by a scholarly edition.

The 19 sonatas are divided this way, each volume containing about 120 pages:
      Vol. I: op.6a nr.1-3, op.4
      Vol. II: op.5a, op.6b, op.8a, op.127
      Vol. III: op.26 nr.1-3, op.30
      Vol. IV: op.34, op.46 nr.1-3, op.52 nr.1-3

In spite of the term 'international' far the most members of IFKS are Japaneses, which explains why the text is written Japanese and English. But it is a bit problematic that IFKS has not entered into a cooperation with a European or American music dealer. The sale is taken over by the Japanese HANNA CORPORATION, and I am afraid some potential purchasers from the Western countries will restrain from buying from an unknown dealer. These sonatas, which in a contemporary review were described as "not composed for the common herd", will surely not be sold in the ten thousands like the sonatinas, but the professional pianists and the more serious amateurs will welcome this publication as one of the most remarkable in many years.

The price of each volume is 3000 Yen.

The address of HANNA CORPORATION is:
      3-6-4-F Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
      e-mail adressen er: